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Company ÖZERTEKNİK is in Mechanical and Plumbing sector Since 1995. KUZEY KARDELEN ISI SANAYII , merging the technologies of today saving and environment-friendly design, modern and esthetic line "İFYIL" Branded products offer both at the same time the comfort of stoves and central heating since 2009 . At the same time since the 1975 continues to serve the textile sector as name ÖZERİSTAN .. Özerteknik adopted by every member of staff a top priority principle is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, within the framework of this principle for the future technology with the highest level of engineering services we offer our customer portfolio. You address your concern to your business, focus on your goals, as your partner we have with you to meet the technological needs, the most effective manner. Since its inception we have these values, the principles adopted as a result of the merger on the right track and progressing rapidly. Renewing ourselves with our policy of continuous development, and employees, and increasing our responsibilities to our customers that we are raising the quality of services. Only grow in the study, to obtain financial gain, but to lead the industry believe that we must be intending to provide the level of the shaping of behavior.

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Established Date: 1995  Tax Office: Gaziler  Tax Number: 6900270173  Staff Count: 0-5  Export Specialist: Nergiz BÜLBÜL